Have you tried all the different diets, except your own?
Are you impressing everyone else but yourself?
Are you done following health trends? Learn how to follow yourself.
Are you just surviving, when you ought to be thriving?

“expect the unexpected”​

Do you want in on a little secret? Of course, you do!

The magic lays in the connection! Everything in your body is connected, your body, thoughts, movements all of it. Even your relationships affect your health and vitality! 

What is Food & Personal Growth?

watch the video and find out

feedback so far...

I have discovered the joy of cooking again! That it does not have to be complicated or time consuming to cook good healthy food that makes my body feel good. My craving for sweets has been virtually non-existent during these weeks. I am much more aware of how I react to stress and how my body reacts. So grateful for these three weeks.

This is just the beginning of my new journey.



Participent 2021

“Delicious foods, great body-mind exercises that I believe is essential for this kind of program. Louise & Christina really held the group beautifully with their daily posts and support.’’


Clinical Herbalist

An insightful journey full of color and taste that challenges and creates a basis for healthy life choices. New knowledge, new insights and lots of joy, energy and peace / harmony. A bonus is that I got rid of the inflammation in my elbow and the pain in my knee. 


Mountain lover & project manager

"I have learned a new way of thinking around food as I courageously tried new delicious, colourful foods & really to pay attention and feel what my body & soul needs..."


A neighborhood friend​​

“I am so grateful and happy and now inspired that I took the time to complete the detox. On the "diet side" it feels magical. 21 days with variations in color, taste, aroma and texture. And only good! even the kids liked the majority of the dishes."


Pilates Trainer


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What does the program includes?

A membership community for daily support & learning. 
3 live events in order to help you personalize your program.

A clean, colorful food plan based on easy to make recipes, with the option of an omnivore or vegan menu.  

The program is based upon the WHOLE DETOX BOOK.
A workbook to keep you on track & to manage your progress. 

Nourishing rituals & a handful of mindful daily exercises to choose from each day. Including a daily movement to embody your learnings.

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one step, one habit at a time!

We all know that to feel alive, happy and healthy, we need to include much more than green leafy veggies and a gym membership! It takes courage – courage to be still, to listen, to wait, to connect and it all happens outside your comfort zone. However, we are in this together!

That is why this 21-day programme is different. It is about personalisation – being curious, interacting and genuinely listening to your unique body as it is always communicating to you through emotions, pain, bloating, skin issues or perhaps migraines, all symptoms linked to low-grade inflammation.

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