Impressing everyone else but yourself?
Are you done following health trends? learn how to follow yourself.
Have you tried all the different diets, except your own?
Just surviving, when you ought to be thriving?

About the Program

Who is the program for?

Someone who is done trying the endless health quick fixes and symptom treatments and are looking for a deep healthy, vibrant long lasting  lifestyle though a body mind approach.

Someone who has parts of their health & lifestyle in place but are not getting all the pieces together or have not found their unique recipe yet.

Someone who is bouncing back from life in any way and want a crash course in self care, learning in depth how lifestyle can truly be your medicine.

What to expect?

  • A minimum of 30 minutes a day depending on your level of commitment.
  • A delicious, easy to make, family friendly, food plan with recipes to restore your gut & save for later use.
  • Mindful, grounding and nourishing exercises and rituals to restore, connect and allign from your core.

What will you learn?

  • How simple yet powerful lifestyle choices can be your medicine.
  • You will master a greater understanding of how everything is connected from your thoughts, to your food, to your relationships.
  • This is a mini crash course in self care from a functional medicine perspective. 


Program Investment

On demand: 1500 sek

Our on demeaned version, self paced without live practitioner guidance. Our online program will guide you from start to finish through your Food & Personal Growth Experience along with the whole detox book.  

For more info & your different food options please click below.

The Live Practitioner Lead Group : 3495 sek

In this live lead program functional medicine practitioners Louise & Christina will guide you through your 21 day Food & Personal Growth  Experience. Next program start is in Feb 2022.

For more info & your different food optimal please click below.

Your copy of the essential WHOLE DETOX BOOK - is not included in the program cost.

My experience & how this program helped me!

The Program schedule!

Four days ahead of the program we will host a live prep event.

Each of the 21 program days will have a specific theme, all color coded and aligned with Dr Minichs 7 system of health. 

After the program we are with you for additional 4 days
for support and questions.

4 Days of Preparation
The Preparations Live Event is hosted 4 days ahead of the program start.

DAY 1 – 3 
Body Awareness, Tribe & community & Protein

DAY 4 – 6
Emotions, Creativity & Fats / Oils

DAY 7 – 9
Stress, Thoughts & Carbohydrates
Midway Event on day 9

DAY 10 – 12
Self Care, Movement & Vegetables

DAY 13 – 15 
Truths, Affirmations & Fluids

DAY 16 – 18
Mood, Visualizations & Herbs & Spices

DAY 19 – 21 
Connection, Meditation & Fasting
Post Event on day 21.

4 Days of support! 
To help you integrate your learnings into your daily routines.

A program day Example!


Start your day with a colorful protein enriched smoothie as you watch the daily theme video (2 min) in your program learning portal.


A colorful sallad with protein pondering on the daily affirmation.


The colorful snack optional will keep you focus for the afternoon &
you might want to try todays mindful movement.


A warm dinners, color coded of cause.


A great time to wind down with the daily mindful exercises, like the emotional log, 3-5 min meditation or nourishing ritual.

Yes! Sounds amazing, I am in!